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Hi there 🖐, I am Arshad Ali, an aspiring Full Stack Web Developer at In this blog, I would like to share with you a project that I and my teammates have made.

About and What did we achieve?

BookMyShow is an entertainment ticketing website. Where customers with endless options to purchase tickets for the latest movies, music concerts, plays, stand-up comic acts, and major sporting events to name a few.

We used a technology stack containing -

  1. Redux-thunks
  2. Redux
  3. CSS
  4. Axios
  5. react-router-dom
  6. Material UI
  7. antd
  8. React multi carousel
  9. Mongodb

What did we actually clone?

  1. Log in.
  2. Home page.
  3. See all page where all movies are displayed and filter…

In this project, we have tried to make a look-alike clone of CouchSurfing. With our efforts and the technology stack, that we have learned so far in the Masai school, we were able to clone the front end with high precision and quality.

Cloned Landing Page

CouchSurfing is a global hospitality exchange service accessible via a website and mobile app. Members can request lodging publicly or directly from other members, “hang out” with other members or join/create events. Harassment is against the terms of service. Members set up user profiles on which other members can post reviews.

“Gymwolf” is my second team project by cloning the user interface and functionalities of a “”

Creating a website with new team members, learning more and practising with it is exciting. We work remotely on this project.

Our team name is ‘Potassium’ which consists of 3 team members:

  • Chirag Agarwal
  • Sahil Sachdev
Cloned Home page of

Following pages of the website are cloned:

  • Homepage
  • ‘Progress’ Page
  • Calculator Page
  • Exercise and Plane Page
  • Main Page Page
  • and, 4 Category Pages (In Progress page and main Page dynamically using JavaScript)

Firstly Let me tell you about my work in this project, I have created Progress page, Calculator page, Exercise and Plane page.

Progress Page: With embedded graph functionality.

  • Implemented Graph Using JavaScript, Html and CSS.
  • The graph will show the data by getting…

Arshad Ali

Full-Stack Developer

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