BookMyShow Clone In 4 Days

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Hi there 🖐, I am Arshad Ali, an aspiring Full Stack Web Developer at In this blog, I would like to share with you a project that I and my teammates have made.

About and What did we achieve?

BookMyShow is an entertainment ticketing website. Where customers with endless options to purchase tickets for the latest movies, music concerts, plays, stand-up comic acts, and major sporting events to name a few.

We used a technology stack containing -

  1. React
  2. Redux-thunks
  3. Redux
  4. CSS
  5. Axios
  6. react-router-dom
  7. Material UI
  8. antd
  9. React multi carousel
  10. Mongodb

What did we actually clone?

  1. Log in.
  2. Home page.
  3. See all page where all movies are displayed and filter according to languages, screen type and genre.
  4. Movie detail page where the user can rate the movie.
  5. The booking page here selects the date and time of the movie and filter the theatre according to the sub-region.
  6. Seating arrangement here user can select seats.
  7. Add foods here user can add like cold drink,burgur.
  8. Payment Page.
  9. Booking history page.

Home Page

See All Page

Movie Page

Seating Page

Teammates and their contributions.

Himanshu was responsible for designing the See all page and all the features you’ll find on that page. He took care of all the little, but important, things such as making the design of cards which simply take the user experience to the next level. He also worked hard on filtering to provide the user to filter search results. and also designed food and payment pages.

Suhail was responsible for designing the Home page along with the booking page. He also worked to manage the filtering of the information based on the sub-region.

I created the whole server, handled the authentication, implemented the seating layout and the movie details page with a review feature. I encountered very few merge conflicts during the merge which is good as it shows how flawless we have been working.

Hope you liked our project, there is always room for improvement and we sure will improve this project further.

Click here to see the Github project.

Thank You.

Full-Stack Developer